General Inquiry Sales Ticket (refundable on sales)

£25.00 EX Vat

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We are  inundated with inquiries via the Website, Contacts page and other media platforms.

To help us keep track of the volume of inquiries, we have now introduced a Ticket System. This will enable us to become more efficient with this service that we offer.   We want to step away from  the contact via texts, Wots App etc.

This will be at an initial cost of  £25 plus VAT.  This charge will be refunded off the invoice for any product sales relating to this inquiry.  The refund will be shown as an Item on the invoice and will state the Ticket Number that you purchased.

The £25 charged will enable us to give you 30 minutes expertise help and advice you may need in order to resolve your issue. This time should be enough to understand and give advice on your problem.

We are also introducing this to try to eliminate the hours spent giving so much free expertise advice.  We are sure you can understand that as a business, this is not efficient to carry on doing that.