Whitlock 46″ (117cm) 8 Spoke Steering Wheel


Whitlock/Lewmar 46″ Diameter (117cm) 8 Spoke Steering Wheel Bare (no hide cover)

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  •  This is an unused old stock Whitlock 46″ Diameter (117cm) 8 Spoke Steering Wheel Bare (no hide cover).
    It will fit all Whitlock/Lewmar tapered wheel shafts form 1981 to present day.
  • It still has a wrapper on it but will have a few storage scratches where it’s been around for a while.
  • I have checked the wheel to make sure it runs true and is not buckled.

It is currently Located in Emsworth, Hampshire. Customer asking £300.00 GBP (sterling).
New would be £600.00 plus VAT.

Item can be viewed in Emsworth. Selling on behalf of customer. It is sold as described or as seen and sold without warranty.



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