ML+4010 Electro-Hydraulic Linear Actuator 12 volt


Combines a hydraulic cylinder, pump, IP67 motor, clutch and reservoir in one compact unit.

Designed for ease of installation, the unit is supplied pre-filled and ready to install, with quick release mounting, tiller bolt and fitting kit.

Integral relief valves protect the unit and its mounting from rudder strikes and anti-cavitation valves are incorporated to follow full stroke speeds of up to 2 seconds when back driven by helm.

Suitable for 12 volt boats up to 18 meters

Typical Amp-hour 60kg at 25% duty = 2.0A

Typical current intermittent 650kg =19.0A

Full stroke time 12/24 VDC (No load) = 13 seconds

Max thrust 703kg = (Intermittent)


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