HS+4010 Electro-Hydraulic Secondary Steering System 12 volt




The HS+40 hydraulic steering system has been designed specifically for marine secondary steering applications.

The system consists of a compact cylinder which includes the clutch and relief valves, pump, reservoir and all hoses, fittings and fitting kit. It comes pre-filled and bled ready for use and are supplied complete with fasteners for mounting the cylinder and pump, and a tiller bolt.

The cylinder is free to float until the solenoid clutch is engaged, the reversing pump is then used to extend and retract it. Integral relief valves protect the installation from damage.

Suitable for 12 volt boats up to 18 meters

Typical Amp-hour 60kg at 25% duty = 2.0A

Typical current intermittent 650kg = 19.0A

Full stroke time 12/24 VDC (No load) = 13 seconds

Max thrust 703kg = (Intermittent)




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