HS+50 Electro-Hydraulic Steering System 12 volt

£2,207.00 EX Vat


The HS+50 hydraulic steering system has been designed specifically for marine secondary steering applications.

The system consists of a compact cylinder which includes the relief valves and solenoid clutch, a reversing or constant running pump, marine hoses, fittings and a reservoir. It comes pre-filled and ready for installation use. A choice of pump sizes can be selected with single and twin cylinders to give a range of hard-over times and thrusts.

The systems are protected from rudder strikes by integral relief valves.

Suitable for 12 volt boats up to 18 meters

Typical Amp-hour 92kg at 25% duty = 2.7A

Typical current intermittent 1016kg = 34.0A

Full stroke time 12/24 VDC (No load) = 13 seconds

Max thrust 1080kg = (Intermittent)



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